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Panorama – Homs Journey into Hell (Video)

in memory of acclaimed war correspondent Marie Colvin, and all courageous men and women who stood for human rights. she was Born: January 12, 1956, Oyster Bay, NY, Died: February 22, 2012, Homs, Syria

Alert: Chemical Weapons Spotted in Homs

people, of  the City of Homs, are burn alive by criminal forces of Asad in syria By John Mak Opposition forces and defecting soldiers have stated that they have seen a large stockpile of chemical weapons being stockpiled in a school…

Syria Crisis: Shelling Kills Hundreds in Homs

Syria crisis: Shelling ‘kills dozens’ in restive HomAmateur video shows the continued shelling of Homs. The Syrian army has launched fresh mortar and rocket attacks in the city of Homs, as the government continues a push aimed at crushing rebel…