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India’s shame |The Child Abuse Highway

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India passes controversial citizenship bill that excludes Muslims

In India, a controversial citizenship bill has passed through its first stage in Parliament.
The proposed law is geared towards granting citizenship to those fleeing religious persecution, but it excludes Muslims. Some say it is the governing Hindu nationalist party’s latest attempt at sidelining Muslims in India…more: NPR

Amazon Just opened Its Piggest Office Building In India!

Image result for Amazon just opened its biggest office building — and it's not in the United StatesAmazon just opened its biggest office building in the world in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

The online retail giant’s new campus in the city’s financial district opened on Wednesday. It covers 9.5 acres and has 1.8 million square feet of office space, making it “Amazon’s single largest building in the world in terms of total area,” according to the company…more: CNN

Outrage Spreads Over Rape of Eight-year-old Girl

The brutal gang rape and murder of an eight-year old girl has sparked outrage and anger….The men the police have arrested include a retired government official, four police officers and a minor – all of them belong to a local Hindu community that has been involved in a land dispute with the Muslim nomads.. ..more: .bbc