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The Washington Institute: Pushing Back on Iran in Syria (Part 1): Beyond the ‘Boots’

Apart from its military intervention, Tehran has pursued a wide range of economic and social tactics for increasing its sway in Syria, but Washington can still push back with targeted assistance, innovative sanctions, and strategic messaging.
This PolicyWatch is the first in a two-part series on how to counter Iran’s expanding activities in Syria amid talk of U.S. military withdrawal. Part 2 will discuss the array of Iranian-backed armed groups currently operating there…more: washingtoninstitute.org

Al-Qaeda Has Rebuilt Itself—With Iran’s Help

Iran offered refuge to many members of Osama bin Laden’s familyIt is Europe that now seems the target with Manchester joining the list of Paris, Nice, Brussels and Berlin as part of the West’s soft underbelly where those flowers and tributes are becoming too common. These days it isn’t so much al-Qaeda we fear as the even more barbaric Isis with its reign of beheadings and bloodletting… MORE: thetimes.co.uk

Iran protests: US brands Tehran’s accusations ‘nonsense’

Map showing cities in Iran where protests have occurredWhere is the violence happening? There were reports on social media late on Tuesday of more unrest, although it is not possible to confirm it independently or the exact timing. The reports spoke of: Burning buildings in the town of Behbahan. Protests spreading to the north-western city of Tabriz. Police firing tear gas to break up protests in the south-western city of Ahvaz. Unrest in Gohardasht and Eslamabad-e-Gharb….MORE: .bbc.com

Washingtonpost: White House working to weaken Syria sanctions bill for Russia and Iran

As the Obama administration scrambles for options in Syria, officials lament that the United States has no leverage over the Assad regime, Russia or Iran to persuade them to halt their ongoing atrocities, especially in Aleppo. But behind the scenes, the White House is actually working to weaken a sanctions bill lawmakers in both parties see as providing leverage against all three….more: https://www.washingtonpost.com

Why is America emboldening Iran?

Lawsuit over 9/11 attacks alleges Iran and Hezbollah involvement

The court ordered Iran to pay about $11 billion in compensation to the victims’ families, so that each family would receive $1 million dollar, and about $3 billion to insurance companies that were financially damaged following the attack..more: jpost.com