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Identify The Conclusion

Here are few Hadiths – Saying of the beloved Prophet – we posted that you can enjoy reading  and be able yourself to extract a conclusion as you finish reading them. First: حَدَّثَنَا مُسَدَّدٌ، قَالَ أَخْبَرَنَا يَحْيَى، عَنْ عُبَيْدِ اللَّهِ بْنِ…

C-SPAN – Islam Under Siege

Professor Ahmed talked about his book, Islam Under Siege: Living Dangerously in a Post-Honour World, published by Polity/Blackwell. He examined the traditional and contemporary events that have occurred in Muslim countries, including religiously motivated violence and the sociological and spiritual…

The Racialization of Islam in the United States: Islamophobia, Hate Crimes, and “Flying while Brown”

Dr. Craig ConsidineThis paper explores the intersectionality of race and Islamophobia by using a set of empirical data relating to the experiences of American Muslims and non-Muslims in the United States. Through a multi-tiered methodology, the paper reveals how racialization processes interact with Islamophobic discourses and actions in American society. Specifically, the dataset is anchored in U.S. public perceptions of American Muslims, hate crime incidents against Muslims and non-Muslims, and the institutionalization of Islamophobia…more” PDF The Racialization of Islam in the United States: Islamophobia, Hate Crimes, and “Flying while Brown”


In the U.S. and Western Europe, people say they accept Muslims, but opinions are divided on Islam

FT_19.10.07_viewsMuslimsEurope_neighborsFamily420pxThe vast majority of people across 15 countries in Western Europe and in the United States say they would be willing to accept Muslims as neighbors. Slightly lower shares on both sides of the Atlantic say they would be willing to accept a Muslim as a family member. At the same time, there is no consensus on whether Islam fits into these societies. Across Western Europe, people are split on Islam’s compatibility with their country’s culture and values, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey. …more: pewresearch.org

Mexican couple converts to Islam after watching Resurrection: Ertuğrul

A Mexican couple were inspired to convert to Islam after watching the hit Turkish TV series Resurrection: Ertuğrul, and meeting with one of its actors at a convention in Los Angeles, U.S.
Celal Al, who plays Abdulrahman Alp in the hit period drama, attended the 22nd annual meeting of the Muslim American Society (MAS), a flagship Muslim organization, and gave a speech about the series and Turkey…more: .yenisafak

From the Pulpit: One more pillar of Islam: Ordained charity

The Herald News, Fall River, MA…Charity reminds us that everything we earn in the first place is a gift from God. Too often we forget. We forget that our special skills, our extraordinary abilities and unique opportunities are actually all God-given. We think we alone are the masters of our destiny. In Islam, charity is a way of being thankful for what we have. The act of giving to those in greater need is our chance to be humble and grateful for God’s benevolence to us….MORE: heraldnews