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Propane Tank Fire On Liberty Island Prompts Evacuation

Some Muslims were planning to visit the area but  Al Hamdulilah– they did not. You may ask why?

Answer: Because the Islamophobic organizations,Media and men had shown that: Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty, unless he is a Mulsim….

This 10-year-old is the only student at his remote Scottish island school

10-yeaOut Skerries has a population of just 70 people. Picture: Alamyr-old Aron Anderson is the only pupil at Skerries Community School, which is located on the tiny Scottish island of Out Skerries. The island has a population of just 70 people and covers an area of 5 square kilometres.

Located almost 2 and a half hours from the nearest neighbouring city, Out Skerries is one of the most Eastern of the Shetland Isles…more:  news.com.au