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Al-Qaeda Has Rebuilt Itself—With Iran’s Help

Iran offered refuge to many members of Osama bin Laden’s familyIt is Europe that now seems the target with Manchester joining the list of Paris, Nice, Brussels and Berlin as part of the West’s soft underbelly where those flowers and tributes are becoming too common. These days it isn’t so much al-Qaeda we fear as the even more barbaric Isis with its reign of beheadings and bloodletting… MORE: thetimes.co.uk

Germany’s xenophobic anti-Islam movement shocked the world. Then, it defeated itself

By Feb. 9, the number of Pegida supporters in Dresden had dropped from 25,000 (Jan. 12) to

2,000. Monday’s march could mark the beginning of the end of a movement that shocked domestic and foreign observers with its loud, anti-Islam message, but also with the more hidden, xenophobic and sometimes openly racist remarks of its supporters.

Why did Pegida lose so many supporters so quickly?

Here are some possible reasons for the sudden decline…more www.washingtonpost.