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Garlic Kills 13 Kinds Of Infection And 14 Types Of Cancer. Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe It?

Benefits for the body of garlic has been known for a long time. For several thousands of years garlic helps to keep the heart healthy and strengthen the immune system. It is not by chance find a symbol of longevity, because its bulb is a real storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. Antioxidants contained therein have a positive effect on the circulatory system of man and his body tissue. Regular consumption of garlic is an effective prevention of cardiovascular disease…more: spicylife

Absolutely gut wrenching. One year after Chapel Hill. 68 Year Old Muslim man murdered with a shovel in Oregon by a 27 year old white male who didn’t know him. What an insane world. May Allah grant him shahada, his family steadfastness, and protect our community from crazy bigots. ameen

“A man was killed after being attacked by someone with a shovel in Portland Wednesday afternoon, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office…more: KGW.COM|BY TEGNA

Syria Crisis: Shelling Kills Hundreds in Homs

Syria crisis: Shelling ‘kills dozens’ in restive HomAmateur video shows the continued shelling of Homs. The Syrian army has launched fresh mortar and rocket attacks in the city of Homs, as the government continues a push aimed at crushing rebel…