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What You Should Know About the Muslim Free Hospital That Everyone is Rooting For

…This is extraordinary, considering the situation of Muslims in Myanmar. Muslims make up only 4% of the population. In the Rakhine state, Rohingya Muslims have suffered years of hardship and are deemed by the United Nations as one of the world’s most persecuted minorities. “Men, women, children, whole families and entire villages have been attacked and abused, as a form of collective punishment,” said Rafendi Djamin, Amnesty International’s Director for Southeast Asia and the Pacific….more: MVSLIM.COM|

Mosque Gets Makeover for Utah Muslims You may not Know About: Bosniaks

 bosniaksIndeed, more than 7,000 Bosnian refugees, their relatives and friends now call the Beehive State home after seeking shelter first in Europe and then the United States.

They are, for the most part, Muslims.

Now they have remodeled a former Baptist church, which they bought in 2010, into their own mosque — complete with a minaret tower, domes, an iron fence, a large covered patio and prayer rugs….more:http://www.sltrib.com

Benjamin Gladstone: All Jews Should Register as Muslims: Because We Know the Horrors Of Religious Registration All Too Well

In a German Prisoner of War (POW) camp in 1944, the American Master Sgt. Roddie Edmonds called upon all of the captured soldiers to stand with the Jews of the camp despite Nazi orders to separate. Edmonds, a Christian, feared for the fate of the Jewish soldiers if the Nazis were able to identify them, and he put his own safety on the line to protect them. He saved their lives…MORE:  forward

Getting to Know Your Religious Civil Rights Civil Rights

  Employers may not treat employees more or less favorably because of their religion. This means that employees may not be discharged or otherwise disciplined based on their religious beliefs or non-beliefs or rewarded based on religious considerations.

 Employees cannot be required to participate or forced to refrain from participating in a religious activity as a condition of employment.

 Employers must reasonably accommodate employees’ sincerely held religious practices unless undue hardship would result; more:  mass.gov/pdf