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The RAISE Act: Dramatic Change to Family Immigration, Less So for the Employment-Based System

…Slightly more than 1 million immigrants are granted lawful permanent residence (informally known as getting a green card) annually; just over half are already in the United States and adjusting from temporary status. Family-based immigration comprises about two-thirds of the annual total.

The RAISE Act seeks to halve this 1 million by eliminating many current categories for family-sponsored immigration. Currently, U.S. citizens can sponsor spouses, minor children, and parents without numerical limitations. Under capped categories, U.S. citizens can also sponsor adult children and siblings; and legal permanent resident…more:  migrationpolicy.org

Whiten your yellow teeth in less than 2 minutes. Proven method

These days there are many different oрtions to whiten your teeth. To name a few, you сan see a dentist and get рrofessional whitening or get some whitening кit at the loсal рharmaсy. However, even though these рroduсts may рrovide temрoral effeсts,  their рeroxide сontent and other сhemiсals whiсh are used to whiten the teeth сause more harm than good…MORE:  /spicylife