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“Blue Whale Challenge” urges young people to end their lives – CBS

 The family of a Texas teen who hanged himself says their son was involved in a ghoulish online game that calls on participants to complete a series of tasks before taking their own lives, and some schools are warning parents about the so-called Blue Whale Challenge.

Jorge Gonzalez told CBS affiliate KENS-TV that he wanted to urge parents to monitor their children’s social media use after his son, Isaiah, was found hanging in his bedroom closet Saturday in the family’s home with his cellphone propped up on a shoe to record his death…more:https: cbsnews

West London Fire Eyewitness: Muslims Helped Save Lives

Smoke billows from the Grenfell Tower on Wednesday morning (Picture: PA)They were among the first in the 24-storey building to alert other residents as it became engulfed in flames – the fire was first reported at about 1.15am on Wednesday.The Metropolitan Police has said there are six people confirmed dead in the fire, but that it expects that number to rise. A witness said that Muslim residents banged on the doors of neighbours and helped guide them to safety out of the tower....more: uk.news.yahoo.com/grenfel

Holy Quran Verse on the Cover of Time Magazine: “Whoever saves one life, saves all of humanity.”

Image result for time magazineThe curriculum now covers the full range of hazards that the rescue teams encounter in Syria: how to search collapsed buildings, how to put out fires, how to handle unexploded bombs, what to do in a chemical attack. When the shells fall or an airstrike hits, they run in the direction of the destruction. The White Helmets’ credo is a quotation from the Quran: “Whoever saves one life, saves all of humanity.”…more: Time Magazine

Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hand the people are safe, and the believer is the one people trust with their lives and wealth.” (authentic statement)

7 Books That Helped Me Understand Why Black Lives Matter

Especially good for: People who want to learn about Black leaders of the Civil Right’s Movement beyond Martin Luther King Jr. Malcolm X is an especially misunderstood figure who is often painted as violent and prejudiced against White people, but this book helps understand all of the nuances of his powerful personality, as well as how he went from  being a disaffected petty criminal to one of the Civil Rights Movement’s most seminal leaders….more:  muslimgirl.net

Why Muslim lives don’t matter?

An Arab and Muslim culprit and white victims would have spurred immediate media attention, write Beydoun and Tonova [AP]Their religion mattered most for US media outlets as well, who lagged to cover the story…

An Arab and Muslim culprit and white victims would have spurred immediate media attention, write Beydoun and Tonova [AP]

Muslims identity trumped, and very likely for Hicks, eclipsed the three victims’ American-ness.

Irrespective of what rallying cries, signs or adapted hashtags proclaim, Muslim lives in America don’t matter. The aftermath of the murder of the three American students in Chapel Hill, and the broader context that spurred it, reconfirms this brutal truth.  MORE:  muslim-lives-don-matter