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Long Story Short: Islam

Sharia! Jihad! Hijab! These words might sound familiar to you, but don’t judge a Quran by its cover. Wajahat Ali breaks down the misperceptions around Islam.

Hasten to Break the Iftaar

Abu Dharr reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “People will not cease to be upon goodness so long as they hasten to break their fasting ” (Sahih Muslim 1098)  

The long view: Descendants of ND’s early Muslim Immigrants

North Dakota’s early wave of Arab immigrants came from what is now Lebanon, said William Sherman, a retired priest and sociologist who’s researched the topic.

When these settlers emigrated in the early 1900s, Lebanon was not yet an independent country. It was part of Syria, which was controlled by the Turkish Empire. Consequently, U.S. immigration records listed the settlers as Syrian, said Sherman, who co-authored a book about the group titled “Prairie Peddlers: The Syrian-Lebanese in North Dakota…MORE: INFORUM.COM|BY ARCHIE INGERSOLL