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Absolutely gut wrenching. One year after Chapel Hill. 68 Year Old Muslim man murdered with a shovel in Oregon by a 27 year old white male who didn’t know him. What an insane world. May Allah grant him shahada, his family steadfastness, and protect our community from crazy bigots. ameen

“A man was killed after being attacked by someone with a shovel in Portland Wednesday afternoon, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office…more: KGW.COM|BY TEGNA

We are not Here to Judge Life According to What we Expected From it and What it has Delivered, We Must Find the Courage to Ask What life Expects of us?

Search ResultsWe are not open to the various sources of meaning, which according to Frankl, are:

1. Creating a work or doing a deed;
2. Experiencing something or encountering someone (love);
3. The attitude we take to unavoidable suffering.

The first is a classic source, defined as ‘life purpose’ in the self-help literature. Our culture expects happiness, yet Frankl says that it is not something we should seek directly. He defines happiness as a by-product of forgetting ourselves in a task which draws on all our imagination and talents. The second is important as it makes experience (inner and outer) a legitimate alternative to achievement in a society built around achieving. The third gives suffering a meaning, but whatmeaning? Frankl admits we may never know, or at least not until later in life. Yet just because we do not comprehend meaning, it does not mean there is none….MORE: Man’s Search for Meaning  ( [PDF]Man’s Search for Meaning)


Man Shot Dead In Drunken Militia Dispute

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Vincent Smith, a right-wing organizer for the Paul Revere 2016 Final March to Restore America, fatally shot his co-founder Charles Carter in what appears to be self-defense during a drunken argument. The two men were organizing the march from the west coast to Washington D.C. with the intent of “removing the corrupt leadership that has taken over our beloved country and ousted her God and constitution.”…MORE:  http://usuncut.com/news/militia-leader

Man accused of hate crime, arson in California mosque fire

Meet the man who provides halal meat to muslims in America’s south

 The halal technique (Animal Treatment) is “the most humane way”, says the farmer-philosopher of Alabama.

 …they raise chickens and Thanksgiving turkeys along with the sheep. The fruit is picked by visitors or pre-sold to buyers in a harvest-sharing scheme, an approach known as “community-supported agriculture”. That helps to spread hard-pressed farmers’ risks and guarantee their income, and is catching on in the South. (The bees are gone: Mr Randle’s wife became allergic to their stings, and he was forced to choose between them.) His 230-odd acres are ample: “If you can’t walk over it in a day, you don’t need it.” He rarely leaves, but, as compensation, “the world comes to me”…MORE:.ECONOMIST.COM

Man jumps to defence of Muslim woman targeted by racists on London Underground

Ashley Powys, 22, from London, was on a Tube leaving from Oxford Circus on his journey home to Muslim woman blamed on Tube for Paris attacks... so this guy stepped inStockwell.

He had sat opposite a young girl wearing a hijab. They exchanged smiles, but not words.

Then, Ashley noticed the girl look up before suddenly looking away as he heard a voice from behind him say loudly ‘F***ing p***’.

He took to Facebook to speak of the ordeal.

The post has now been shared over 18,000 times and has received more than 41,000 likes…MORE: metro.co.uk