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Women of Las Patronas Get Fast Food to Migrants on Mexico’s Beast train

For a quarter of a century, a group of women in eastern Mexico has provided food and water to the hundreds of Central American migrants who pass by on top of the infamous freight train known as The Beast. The women, known as Las Patronas, or the Bosses, distribute about 300 parcels a day – a life-saving act of kindness towards those risking life and limb to reach the US and finally escape violence and poverty at home

Polish teacher: How many migrants must be pushed overboard for boat to float?

To the teacher, the assignment was a simple question of physics. To critics, it was a tasteless assignment about death at sea.

A teacher in the eastern Polish city of Bialystok gave the size of a boat and the number of people on board.

The students’ assignment? To calculate how many Syrian refugees had to be thrown overboard for the boat to stay…MORE:  cnn.com

Migrants Are Converting to Christianity in Order to Stay in Germany

Migrants Are Converting to Christianity in Order to Stay in GermanyOn Saturday, over 8,000 migrants arrived in Germany, their so-called promise land, Telegraf.mk reports. Hungary which was opposed to their journey toward countries in western Europe, surprisingly, sent buses which took the migrants to the border with Austria. This was organized straight after authorities in Berlin and Vienna authorized the migrants to enter their territories.

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