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Death in the Desert: What led to Atlanta dad’s mysterious journey?

 Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, left, sits next to public defense attorney Aleks Kostich at a first appearance in New Mexico state district court in Taos, N.M., Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018, on accusations of child abuse and abducting his son from the boy’s mother. Authorities were waiting to learn if human remains found at a disheveled living compound were those of Wahhaj’s missing son. ..more: ajc

Mysterious Hole Discovered in Remote Tundra in Siberia

 At 50 to 80 meters across, the hole would be large enough to land several of the Mi-8downloadtransport helicopters flown by the pilots who found it.

Surrounded by fresh earth apparently scattered by a blast, the crater’s floor is an ominous pitch black.
The “hole at the end of the world” has prompted Russian internet users to suggest explanations ranging from a vast meteor impact to a gas explosion….more: Giant Hole Forms In Siberia,