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Woman discovers her long-lost sister lives next door

Woman discovers her long-lost sister lives next doorA woman who spent seven years hunting for her long-lost sister discovered she was her next door neighbor – after spotting her name on a delivery.

Hillary Harris, 31, knew her sibling was called Dawn Johnson – then noticed that name on a post in her building.

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Independent: How to Stop the Next Wave of Radicalization?

Isis-schoolgirls-AP.jpgIf we teach young Muslim girls about sex, we can stop the next wave of radicalisation. Today’s teenagers aren’t just flicking through the pages of fiction in their bedroom: they are talking to jihadis on social media and these heroes are telling them how beautiful they are, and sending pictures of themselves – it’s intoxicating, it’s addictive and it’s the stuff of teenage dreams…more: independent.co.uk

Andrew Bastawrous: Get Your Next Eye Exam on a Smartphone

Thirty-nine million people in the world are blind, and the majority lost their sight due to curable and preventable diseases. But how do you test and treat people who live in remote areas, where expensive, bulky eye equipment is hard to come by? TED Fellow Andrew Bastawrous demos a smartphone app and cheap hardware that might help.