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New Iqaluit Mosque Opens Doors

After years in the making, Iqaluit’s new mosque held its inauguration Friday, officially opening as a placemosque2 of worship.

The building will serve as a prayer space and a community centre for Iqaluit’s 100 or so Muslims, as well as a place to learn about Islam.

“By establishing this mosque, we are saying one thing: we are now an integral part of Iqaluit, we are now a part of the Iqaluit …MORE:  cbc.ca

Imam Opens Mosque’s Doors To Stray Cats To Keep Them Warm

In Istanbul, Turkey, there’s a mosque where you can pray alonstray-cats-mosque-aziz-mahmud-hudayi-mustafa-efe-istanbul-turkey-4gside cats. We’re not kitten you! The Aziz
Mahmud Hüdayi Mosque’s imam Mustafa Efe has been letting stray cats in since last year. He wants to keep them warm during the cold winter days.
Efe makes his guests feel exactly like at home. In fact, the felines are so safe and comfy there that one cat even brought her kittens one by one! She placed her fluffballs in the pulpit from where Efe preaches. “The kitty has found the heart of compassion and mercy,” Efe wrote on Facebook….more:


Snapchat Opens Digital Window on Mecca to Millions

Some people who did not follow the religion went as farCJ44kEYUcAAT53R as saying the online event had made them consider adopting the faith.The Snapchat live feature works by stitching different short video clips in to one continuous stream of footage that users can swipe through. Users posted scenes of prayers, rituals, and even jokes. Here a user pokes fun at the traditional head shaving ritual that follows the pilgrimage.. aljazeera 


After a Struggle, Mosque Opens in Tennessee

After a Struggle, Mosque Opens in Tennessee Tim Harris for The New York Times Ulla Attot, left, and Huda Alkyhami with their children at the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. By ROBBIE BROWN and CHRISTINE HAUSER MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — The worshipers bowed low, their…