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Massachusetts police ask residents to ‘hold off’ on crime until heat wave is over!

No photo description available.Police in Massachusetts asked a simple favor of residents who may be planning a crime over the weekend: please wait until the heat wave is over to conduct your criminal activity. Around 93 million people were under excessive heat warnings and advisories over the weekend, including several states in the Northeast. In Massachusetts, the heat index was slated to reach as high as 112 degrees in some places, according to ABC Boston affiliate ….more: abcnews.go – FACEEBOOK

Don McCullin: The Interview

Homeless men sleeping while standing, Whitechapel, London, c1970Homeless men sleeping while standing, Whitechapel, London, c1970
DON McCULLIN Just because I’m 83 doesn’t mean to say I have to sit here waiting to die. I’m still open to discovery. I was recently in Yemen where I spent a day with a general and his troops, photographing a lot of people whose limbs had been blown off by landmines. That evening I flew back in a Black Hawk helicopter escorted by an Apache gunship. I thought, how bloody weird – normally people like me are in a nursing home, but here I am travelling back from a war zone,….  ….more: Tate

Saviour and sultan, ally and foe – west in a bind over Erdoğan

The US and Europe need Turkey for a host of strategic, political, practical and geographical reasons. But Turkey under Erdogan is proving a less than constant friend. Not so much an ally, it is increasingly seen as a threat. In an extraordinary open letter published last week, members of Congress lambasted Erdoğan’s record. “Contrary to its Nato obligations, Turkey is actively operating to undermine US interests around the world. …more:  theguardian

GOP Senate candidate flips out over ‘women’s rights’: ‘I want to come home to a cooked dinner every night’

In a statement posted to Facebook on Tuesday, Sykes said that he had been asked if he “supports women’s rights.” “I want to come home to a home cooked dinner every night at six,” Sykes said, referring to demands he makes of his girlfriend. “One that she fixes and one that I expect one day to have daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives.”…. Rawstory –huffingtonpos

Myanmar faces anger from Muslim world over Rohingya plight

A Nobel laureate and Muslim nations in Asia criticized Myanmar’s persecution of its Rohingya Muslim minority as thousands in Indonesia and elsewhere staged angry protests against Aung San Suu Kyi and her government.

At least 87,000 refugees from Myanmar’s western Rakhine state have fled to neighboring Bangladesh since violence escalated in late August, according to the United Nations, overwhelming existing camps for the displaced…more:  washingtonpost