The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “Whosoever wishes to be removed from the Fire (Hell) and admitted to Paradise should die with faith in Allah and the Last Day; and he should treat others as he wishes to be treated.“(Sahih Muslim)


INTRODUCTION Let us, for the sake of analogy, assume  that you are travelling alone on a road which, after a certain point, bifurcates into two: One a hilly and difficult track; and the other a smooth and comfortable path sloping down to a…

The Gates of Paradise

Abu Ad-Darda reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, (which means) “Kindness to Parents is  the best gate  to be admitted to Jannah (Paradise and or to its highest ranks) , so keep this gate or lose it.” ( Sunan Ibn Majah-Grade: Sahih )


The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Verily, truthfulness leads to righteousness and righteousness leads to Paradise. A man may speak the truth until he is recorded with Allah as truthful. Verily, falsehood leads to wickedness and wickedness leads to the Hellfire. A man may tell lies until he is recorded with Allah as a liar.” Source: Sahih Muslim 2607

Pacific Ocean Paradise – Nature Documentary

Video for Pacific Ocean Paradise – Nature Documentary
“Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and earth, and the alternation of the night and the day, and the [great] ships which sail through the sea with that which benefits people, and what Allah has sent down from the heavens of rain, giving life thereby to the earth after its lifelessness and dispersing therein every [kind of] moving creature, and [His] directing of the winds and the clouds controlled between the heaven and the earth are signs for a people who use reason.” The Holy Qur’an (2:164)

The Destiny of Fair and Peaceful People

Narrated / Authority of: Uqbah bin Amir Al-Juhaniimages (1)
that the Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “Whoever meets Allah (swt) not associating anything in worship with him, and not having shed any blood unlawfully, will enter Paradise.” Sahih

Supplications that lead to Paradise

The Prophet sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allaah exalt his mention ) said: “Themost superior way of seeking forgiveness from Allaah is to say: “Oh Allaah! Youare my Lord, None has the right to be worshipped except You, You…

Characteristics of the People of Peradise

As mentioned towards the end of the last article, we will be discussing the various characteristics of the people of Jannah (Paradise) mentioned in the Qur’an, and we have particularly selected two passages from the Qur’an which give many of…


Please read after to see: INTRODUCTION At this point, you are not alone in the room where you are reading this book. Even at times when you think you are alone you have never really been alone. Allah’s appointed angels…

The Last man to Enter Jannah

Abu Hurayra once said that people asked the Messenger of God, “Will we see our Lord on the Day of Judgment?” To which Prophet Muhammad replied, “Do you find any difficulty seeing a full-moon on a cloud-less night?” They said,…


THE QUR’ANIC UNDERSTANDING OF LOVE People who do not live according to the Qur’an’s morals cannot love or be loved in the true sense of the word. For real love to be mutual, both people must love Allah with deep…