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Sacramento Baptist Pastor Applauds Orlando Shooting

“It is unnatural for a man to be attracted to another man,” he said as he preached for more than an hour.
“The tragedy is that more of them didn’t die,” he said. For members of Sacramento’s LGBTQ community, religious freedom is sacred, but leaders feel a vile line has been crossed….more:  fox40.com/

Pastor Speaks Out Against Muslim Harassment

I am the pastor of First Evangelical Presbyterian Church. I have been developing friendships with local Muslims. At a lunch with them a couple of weeks ago they shared with me how harassment against their wives has increased since the election in November. Hearing their stories brought tears to my eyes. I have attached an article which I hope … will cause people in Kokomo to think how they treat their neighbors and encourage them to respect other residents’ rights of freedom of religion…more: Pastor speaks out


Mirror.co.uk Christian pastor slammed after calling Islam ‘religion of hatred’

A Christian church leader has been slammed after calling Islam a ‘religion of hatred’ and likening gay people to paedophiles in a ‘disgusting’ Sunday sermon.

Pastor Steve Crosthwaite, of Wythall’s Hollywood Christian Life Steve CrosthwaiteCentre in Birmingham, told his 60-strong congregation ‘homosexuality is wrong’ and criticised same sex relationships.

During his 30-minute sermon, branded ’highly offensive’ by a local minister, pastor Crosthwaite said: “Islam is not a peaceful religion. Islam is a religion of hatred, the Birmingham Mail reports.

“Islam teaches there are permissible sins. For a Muslim to tell you ‘I love you, I’m a peaceful guy’ and it be a lie, well, Allah forgives that sin….more:  mirror.co.uk

To King and Queen of Burn the Qur’an Day

Dr. Terry and Sylvia Jones King and Queen of Burn the Qur’aan Day First, I would like to express my joy over your letting people know about a book called the Qur’an, for if we had the wherewithal to spend millions of millions of dollars we would not be able to garner…