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Newcastle doctor shares ‘really big concerns’ about Government’s plan to ease lockdown

Prof Pollock, who is part of the independent SAGE advisory group who warned that reopening schools next week could lead to a new surge in infections, said more data was needed on how coronavirus was spreading through different parts of the country. The five tests set by ministers are: making sure the NHS can cope with patient numbers; a consistent fall in deaths; the infection rate becoming ‘manageable’; obtaining enough tests and PPE for future demand and being confident changes would not cause an unmanageable second peak….more: chroniclelive

Joe Biden’s plan for Arab Americans: Six takeaways

The plan, released on Saturday, pledges to reverse many of Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant and nationalist policies while also addressing long-standing community concerns that predate the current president.
“Anti-Arab bigotry has been used in attempts to exclude, silence, and marginalize an entire community, and Biden believes it must be rejected whenever it surfaces, including when it emanates from elected officials or those seeking public office,” reads the platform…MORE : middleeasteye:

Trump’s Middle East Plan: Starting Point or Dead End?

Image result for Trump’s Middle East Plan: Starting Point or Dead End?"Of the many proposals for an Israeli-Palestinian peace rolled out over the decades, circumstances made the one President Trump announced on Tuesday the hardest to take seriously. While Mr. Trump outlined what he described as his “vision” for a Mideast peace in the gilded East Room of the White House … View on nytimes.com

Deers Invade Dutch Down and a Plan to Use Lion Manure to Scare Them off

Image result for Dutch town overrun with deer plan to use lion manure to scare them offA DUTCH SEASIDE town overrun by fallow deer is mulling plans to diffuse the smell of lion manure to keep them at bay and stop them invading streets and parks.

Situated in the North Sea dunes just west of Amsterdam, Zandvoort has over the past decade been invaded by thousands of the boisterous bucks running down its roads and decimating residents’ gardens….MORE:  thejournal.ie