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Headscarf Crackdown Inspires Poetic Fightback

media-portrait has-caption full-width lead”>One of the pictures that's been circulating along with pro-headscarf poems online “Don’t let others poke their nose into my business,” one of the poems reads.

“Don’t let those who have no headscarf to speak about mine.” Campaigners against a crackdown on the Muslim headscarf or hijab have taken to verse to protest in Uzbekistan – and several of the poems have hundreds of likes and shares on Facebook…more:  bbc

Google’s Poetic Doodles: Shawqi vs Wilde

If any of you visited Google’s homepage today you should be able to see the new Doodle celebrating either Oscar Wilde’s or Ahmed Shawqi‘s birthday depending on where you are in the world, two great poets from two great cultures. Most…