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‘I can’t breathe’: The power and tragedy of Jamal Khashoggi’s last words

…Four years ago, “I can’t breathe” were the same last words that Eric Garner uttered when he was placed in a choke hold by New York Police and died. #ICantBreathe soon became a part of the #BlackLivesMatter rallying cry against American racism and police brutality. Last month, after news broke about Khashoggi’s last moments, #ICantBreathe became a hashtag in Arabic Twitter, with users sharing stories about living under the weight of dictatorships and censorship in the Middle East…..more:  washingtonpost.com

How Many Deaths Does it Cost to Power the World

Infographic: How Many Deaths Does it Cost to Power the World | StatistaWhen switching a lightbulb on, one usually does not think of how many people it kills by leaving the light on longer than necessary. Nevertheless, as with almost everything in our industrialized world, not much comes without the cost of human life….more:  statista

The Power of Habit

It was narrated by Huthaifah that: ” the Prophet if he was disturbed by a certain matter would resort to prayers”. This hadith was narrated by Abu Daud

Ascribing power and Ability

We should know that the most comprehensive and inclusive formula for expressing the repudiation of one’s own claim to power and ability is La hawla wa-la quwwata illa bi’Llah (‘there is neither power nor ability save by God’). Meaning of…