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‘Thank God For Ramadan’ Locals Praise Muslims Who Woke Neighbours As Grenfell Blaze Took Hold

“….and that you run with the force of your legs to answer the cry of one in distress…” -Prophet Muhammad

Muslims who were awake late to eat before resuming their Ramadan fast may have saved lives in Grenfell Tower, HuffPost UK has been told. As a blaze took hold of the west London building in the middle of the night, many of its residents were fast asleep. But Muslims were awake for Suhur, the meal before they begin fasting again during daylight hours. HuffPost UK spoke to people at the scene who said that their actions in rousing their neighbours almost certainly saved lives. One local woman told HuffPost UK: “Thank God for Ramadan.”..more: HUFFINGTONPOST.CO.UK

Iran offers rare praise for ‘the Great Satan’

Iranian leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directed rare praise at the United States, welcoming a speech by President Obama that aimed to cool war rhetoric surrounding Iran’s nuclear program. By Scott Peterson,  Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (l.) delivers a…