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History: U.S. Presidential Assassinations and Attempts

  • Richard Lawrence’s two bullets aimed at President Jackson misfired in Washington on Jan. 30, 1835. Lawrence was apprehended and later deemed insane and institutionalized.
  • President Lincoln was shot by John Wilkes Booth while attending an evening performance at Ford’s Theatre in Washington with his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln. He died the next day….more:timelines.latimes.com

Muslim Law Professor Reacts to Latest Presidential Debate

To solve the problem, you have to be able to state what the problem is or at least say the name,” Donald Trump said during the debate. “[Hillary Clinton] won’t say the name, and President Obama won’t say the name. But the name is there – its radical Islamic terror.”

Trump’s phrase was also central to a September 22 congressional subcommittee hearing about identifying the enemy. …..more: FOX4NEWS.COM

Bernie Sanders Vows To Fight Anti-Islam Sentiment: 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Hugs Muslim Woman On Stage

“Let me be very personal if I might. I’m Jewish, my father’s family died in concentration camps,” Sanders responded during the speech in front of a couple hundred people at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. “I will do everything that I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism that has existed for far too many years.” …more: IBTIMES.COM|BY MICHAEL KAPLAN

The GOP Should Thank Islam for Getting Rid of Bad Presidential Candidates

It turns out Islam is a far greater threat to America than any of us could have guessed. Just look at what it’s doing to the Republican presidential field.Victim number one: Donald Trump.

 At a town hall event last week, Trump stayed quiet as a man said President Barack Obama was a Muslim who isn’t American. Trump bristled at the notion …more:  theblaze.

The Next US Presidential Election Will Move The World Closer To War

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Glenn Greenwald has revealed that Hillary Clinton is the presidential candidate of the banksters and warmongers.

Pam and Russ Martens note that Elizabeth Warren is the populist alternative. I doubt that a politician who represents the people can acquire the campaign funds needed to run a campaign. If Warren becomes a threat, the Establishment will frame her with bogus charges and move her aside. more at: globalresearch