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Who is the More Generous?

(photos courtesy Jessica Martel/Facebook)“Avery earned $120 dollars today, decided she would like to donate $100 to help save homeless dogs and save the rest to buy supplies for the next time,” explained Jessica Martel.

Martel posted her thank you late Saturday night to the Agawam community forum on Facebook. .westernmassnews.com

Francisco Goya The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Neither Mr. Hagedorn’s nor Mr. Chagoya’s work is as original as Goya’s. But originality isn’t the standard 311524_Large_20150207010507_241unit of measurement in art anymore. Intelligently parsing and repurposing are equally valued. And in their quoting of “Los Caprichos,” and showing how the series remains relevant today, both are eloquent and morally urgent enough, it seems, to be displayed in proximity to Goya….MORE:  .nytimes.