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Facts suggest a whiter shade of profiling

If you care to dabble in facts, there are two key problems with what LaPierre and Trump, and a slew of Donald Trump, Wayne LaPierrepundits and Twitter alarmists, are saying.

1) Despite the Orlando attack and the deadly terror attack in San Bernardino, Calif., in December, there is no evidence to support the claim that the “terrorists are coming.”

2) In the context of mass shootings, if you look at data stretching to 1982, the appropriate people to profile would be white men who have legally purchased firearms…more: chicagotribune   – Read more: white skin over black skin 

As Anti-Islam Sentiment Rises, So Do Cases Of Airport Profiling — And Not Just From The TSA

American Muslims have long encountered difficulties at airports, where security officials have been accused of unfairly profiling, questioning, searching, and detaining passengers simply for “looking” Muslim — including people who are not devotees of Islam, such as Sikhs and Arab Christians. Policies that support such profiling — many enacted in the years immediately following the September 11 attacks (although most have proven largely ineffective at catching terrorists) — remain in place today and have been defended by White House officials, even though Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents have voiced misgivings about programs that single out people based on race or religion…MORE: THINKPROGRESS