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Milgram Experiment Proves We Blindly Obey Authority

Yale University torture experiment reveals why we blindly believe.Dr. Milgram conducted experiments at Yale University .. .in conclusion: The Milgram experiments help explain how –  Authority and media- is able to exercise mass control, turning the general public into its “sheeple” who blindly follow them…

The 712-page Google Doc that Proves Muslims do Condemn Terrorism

ISWM  and all Muslim community stand against terrorism of all kinds more: www.facebook.comI.S.W.M.

….“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,” Hashmi’s classmate told her. What’s more, he complained, not enough Muslims were making a stand against terrorism…. And yet Muslims have often been expected to apologise for the actions of someone on the very fringes of their community, and have done so…more: theguardian 

WASHINGTONPOST: Islam “is” a Religion of Love, and the Taj Mahal Proves it

Muhammad, who Muslims believe modeled the love of God for humanity, was called (and is called) ‘the beloved of God’; the funerals of Sufi saints were called ‘weddings,’ because after a lifetime of preparation for meeting God, the moment was at hand.

But, of course, for a theme of religion as love to make sense, people had to be comfortable with love in all its manifestations.

This Muslim emperor will put your Valentine’s Day gift to shame…MORE:WASHINGTONPOST.COM

Independent.uk: This is how the Quran proves that Islam is a peaceful religion

Here are some of the terms and conditions: first, Muslims cannot pre-emptively initiate a war. They are only allowed to act in defense. Muslims have permission from God to fight back only when they are expelled from their houses or lands. War can be waged if there is a situation where defenseless people are under attack and ask their Muslim allies for help. The last reason for a just war is when war breaks out between two groups of believers and one party does not intend to stop it in spite of a proposed truce…more: .independent.co.uk