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More Than 240,000 People! Protest in Germany Against Racism, Discrimination

People take part in a protest rally of the Unteilbar (individable) movement for democracy and human rights in Dresden, Germany, Aug. 24, 2019. (Robert Michael/dpa via AP)Thousands of people attended a protest against racism and discrimination in the German city of Dresden on Saturday, a week ahead of two state elections in the country’s east in which the far-right Alternative for Germany party is expected to make gains.

Saturday’s “Indivisible” demonstration in Dresden — the capital of Saxony, one of the states that holds elections on Sept. 1 — follows a protest under the same title in Berlin in October. Organizers said the Berlin protest drew more than 240,000 people.

Zamzam Ibrahim: Newly elected NUS president vows to fight racism and rising student fees

Zamzam Ibrahim has been elected as the new president of the National Union of StudentsZamzam Ibrahim has been elected as the National Union of Students (NUS) president for 2019. Ms Ibrahim wants to tackle racism on campus and “extortionate” tuition fees during her presidency.
The former president of the Salford University students’ union, who pledged to lead a National Student Strike, was chosen from a list of five candidates at the NUS conference in …more: THEINDEPENDENT

#Halalchallenge: Racism in the guise of animal rights

The first videos have begun to roll in. On Twitter, the hashtag was momentarily one of the top trending topics in Twitter Screenshot Identitäre Aktion Halal ChallengeGermany, though it was also used by users who were trying to draw attention to the challenge’s racism. The Facebook page already has nearly 4,200 fans.
Groups that oppose Muslim immigration and/or the halal diet have attacked the Facebook pages of supermarkets such as Rewe and Edeka. The companies have reacted defensively. Edeka, for example, posted that only “a few individual sellers” produce their meat products in line with Islamic guidelines. Besides, the chain claimed, none of the products came from animals that hadn’t been sedated before being slaughtered….more: dw.com


I hate this. A part of me gets it…but I hate that black parents have to teach this to their CHILDREN….i don’t want my children to be afraid to stand up to authority if it’s warranted….I want my children to be respectful and not afraid of being killed for being black….idk what to think of this at the moment…. more:  cutthroathippiegang.com