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Letter Of ‘Radical Love’ For Muslims Signed By 24,000 People, Including Thousands Of Christian Clergy Members

n the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California, Muslims in the United States have experienced 97156038increasing hostility in backlash. Now, 24,000 people from a variety of different regions have signed an open letter of “radical love” to protect the Muslim-American community from such backlash. Some 7,000 clergy members were also signatories.

The letter, which was the brainchild of organizers at Auburn Theological Seminary, was delivered by hand Thursday to Muslim leaders at the Muslim Community Network in New York City, the Huffington Post reported. The Rev. Jacqui Lewis of New York City’s Middle Collegiate Church was chosen to present the letter, which she said was necessary during this “singular moment in time.”…more:  .ibtimes


Blair: Radical Islam Threat Growing, West Should Work with Putin to Fight Back

Watch : “Bloomberg:Tackling Radical Islam Needs Religious Focus: Blair”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for Western nations to work with Vladimir Putin in the fight against radical Islam. In a keynote speech to Bloomberg, Mr Blair said that “whatever our differences”, we must work together to fight Islamism, which is the biggest threat to world peace…..MORE:  breitbart.


10 EU States Slam Radical Dutch

Ambassadors of 10 EU countries have called on the Dutch government to denounce a far-right party’s website that urges citizens to report their complaints about central and eastern Europeans. In an open letter signed on Tuesday, the envoys demanded that…