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Muslim Congressmen Call On Obama Administration To Investigate Armed Rally At Phoenix Mosque

Days before the second protest, the Council on American-Islamic Relations asked the FBI to investigate threatening letters mailed to religious leaders at several mosques in Phoenix. The letters, signed by “Patriotic Friends,” warned, “in any state where sharia law is invoked in any way, all Imam’s [sic] in the that [sic] state and their families will die.”

WASHINGTON — Reps. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and André Carson (D-Ind.) sent a letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch on Thursday requesting Justice…more HUFFINGTONPOST.COM

Local faith leaders hold casino repeal rally

Local faith leaders hold casino repeal rally

Story and photos by Rebecca Drake
SPRINGFIELD – The promise of jobs and a remedy for a sick economy are the enticements offered by companies and local leaders who want

to build a casino in downtown Springfield.

But a gathering of about 30 local clergy and lay leaders today presented a litany of statistics suggesting that a casino would instead take away jobs, hurt or close Springfield businesses, harm the moral fabric of the community and prey upon the poor.

At the Faith for Casino Repeal Interfaith Rally this afternoon at the Greek Cultural Center on St. George Road, here, six clergy members and a lay representative of the Springfield Diocese presented concise statements to an audience of media representatives and interested residents of Springfield and surrounding communities. more  http://www.iobserve.org

Rally IN NYC: Hateful Islamophobia Must go

On February 3, 2012, Many Muslim groups and community leaders gathered at Foley Square, NYC to demonstrate against some of the outright practices by the NYPD under Commissioner Ray Kelly. These practices include illegal surveillance of Muslim communities, allowing a…

"Today, I Am a Muslim Too" Rally

I’m A Muslim Too Rally: United We Stand, Divided We Fall Congressman Peter King is planning on taking America back a few decades with his upcoming Un-American hearings about Muslim Americans. by Archana Fernandez If you, like numerous others are…