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“Islam – Illusion vs Reality” 

Mar Springfield collSpringfield college hosted an event that addressed the issue of Islamphobia. The event was a result of the corporation between the college and our community. Speakers were from different backgrounds, which includes Dr. Wissam Abdul-Baki who is Imam of the Islamic Society of Western Mass, Rev Corey Sanderson, Attorney & Activist Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, Esq., Executive Director and John Robbins of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Join us for an expert panel discussion on Islam and Current Events. Dinner was served after the presentation. Organized by Springfield College and Islamic Soc of Western Mass, and supported by The Saudi Students Association at Springfield College.

Islam: Illusion vs. Reality

Join us for an expert panel discussion on the myths and realities about being Muslim in contemporary society and the role Islamophobia plays in today’s politics, media, and community life.What are the misperceptions that contribute to negative views of Islam? What role does the media play in the way many in the U.S. view Islam? What is it like to be Muslim in contemporary America?

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‘Extremism wasn’t a reality — until this happened’

  “I can be useful to the community, and there are people who need my help,” says Kinza Arshad, 21, whose family arrived in Calgary from a small Ontario town last spring.

Programming like this has helped Arshad adjust to life in Calgary.

“Sometimes people really let you down by using whatever ignorance is being pushed out there, to kind of label you with the same kind of identity as someone who’s radical.”  more: CALGARYHERALD.COM