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Letter of Termination!

  Letter of Termination Excellence, Success & Hubris, Inc. We know best   Dear Sir: It has come to our notice that employees have been visiting your website and laughing.  While there are some namby-pamby employee-coddling businesses who think that…

Video: Last Prayer!

Allaah, (God)  The Most Merciful and Mighty , said ( which means):
“No! When the soul has reached the collar bones.
And it is said, “Who will cure [him]?”
And the dying one is certain that it is the [time of] separation.
And the leg is wound about the leg,
To your Lord, that Day, will be the procession.
And the disbeliever had not believed, nor had he prayed.
But [instead], he denied and turned away.
And then he went to his people, swaggering [in pride].” Read and listen to the whole chapter:
Surat Al-Qiy?mah (The Resurrection)