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 ( Best Source about mass coronavirus …more: mass.gov ) The Prophet (ﷺ) said: When a man goes into his house, he should say: “O Allah! I ask Thee for good both when entering and when going out; in the name of Allah…

Theguardian: ‘The lesson is to be hopeful’: Ilhan Omar’s journey from Somali refugee to US Congress

View image on TwitterIlhan Omar, who lived in a Somali refugee camp when she was a girl and was elected to the US Congress last week, has said she hopes her victory would give hope to those whose childhoods resembled hers.
Omar fled the civil war in Somalia with her family in 1991 and spent four years in the Utango camp, near the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa, before arriving in the US with her six brothers and sisters under a resettlement programme.theguardian..

UPDATED: Bishop Rozanski releases letter in response to refugee ban

bishop-rozanski-close-upBishop Rozanski also has signed two additional statements issued in response to the refugee ban, one from United States Conference of Catholic Bishops chairmen (printed in its entirety below); and another released by the Massachusetts Council of Churches ( http://www.masscouncilofchurches.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/PDF-Final-Head-of-Church-Refugee-Letter-1.31.17-on-letterhead.pdf)…more iobserve.org/

European Refugee Movements After World War Two

Image result for Displaced persons in Vienna, 1The end of World War Two brought in its wake the largest population movements in European history. Millions of Germans fled or were expelled from eastern Europe. Hundreds of thousands of Jews, survivors of the genocide perpetrated by the Nazis, sought secure homes beyond their native lands. And other refugees from every country in eastern Europe rushed to escape from the newly installed Communist regimes….MORE:  .bbc.co.uk

No thanks From Neo-Nazi for Refugee Rsescuers

The far-right politician was less than grateful to the refugees who saved him from a car crash last week, saying that at the time of the rescue he was “not conscious,” according to a post he wrote on Facebook on Wednesday.

“I can therefore neither confirm nor deny that that a Syrian refugee had helped me out of the car,” Jagsch wrote, casting doubt on the reports made by multiple media outlets. MORE: No thanks from neo-Nazi for refugee rescuers


New Charlie Hebdo cartoon suggests dead three-year-old refugee Aylan Kurdi would have become sexual attacker

The image was drawn by Laurent Sourisseau, also known as “Riss,” a long-time contributor to the A paramilitary police officer carries the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi, 3, after a number of migrants died and others were reported missing when boats carrying them to the Greek island of Kos capsized near the Turkish resort of Bodrum.newspaper and its current publishing director. Sourisseau was present when the publication’s offices were attacked by extremists in January. That attack left twelve people dead; Sourisseau himself was shot in the shoulder.
While some recent comments from… Read more: .smh.com

Obama has Invited a Syrian Refugee to his State of Union Address and Called him an “Inspiration”

Mr Hamo fled Syria in 2013, and his invitation is symbolic of Mr Obama’s effort to counter Republican Embedded image permalinkcalls to ban Muslim refugees in the country in the wake of the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernadino, California.

He received international attention last month after featuring on the popular blog, Humans of New York, which tells the stories of normal people in the city. Mr Obama called him an “inspiration” for his story…MORE:  .independent.co.uk