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Media stereotypes fuel support for anti-Muslim action, new research shows

AMES, Iowa – Craig Anderson is no political scientist. But the Distinguished ProfessCraig Andersonor of psychology at Iowa State University could have predicted voter support for the presidential candidates taking a strong anti-Muslim stand.

Months before the presidential campaign, Anderson and his colleagues conducted a series of studies to gauge the influence of media coverage portraying Muslims as terrorists. According to their results, published in the journal Communication Research, there is a link between negative media stories of Muslims and support for military action and restrictions against Muslims.  ..more:  news.iastate.


The Orientalist View Of The Prophet Muhammad

By Hilal Gorgun, PhD Orientalism is the “scientific discipline” that deals with the material and spiritual culture of the East, as well as the history and languages of the region; these studies reach back to the beginning of history and…

World’s Smallest Electric Motor

The Really Little Engine that Could Tufts researchers have built the smallest electric motor ever—it consists of just one molecule “The excitement is in the demonstration that you can provide electricity to a single molecule and get it to do…


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Robots could one day help teach kids in classrooms, suggests research involving droids and toddlers in California. A robot named RUBI has already shown that it can significantly improve how well infants learn words, and the latest…