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The Panama Papers reveal the corrupt roots of global extremism

We spend a lot of time talking about the language by which violent extremism is framed, but not nearly enough time talking about the violence itself. By and large, all humans have an expectation of fair treatment. Likewise, we become upset when things do not work out that way. Some people turn their anger inward. Others turn their anger outwards, reacting violently against societies they perceive as rigged……more: QZ.COM

Exploring Peter Salem’s roots

For example, Peter Salem, a former slave of Muslim background from Massachusetts, fought in 1775 in the Battle of Bunker Hill and later fought in the Battle of Saratoga. In the course of our nation’s short history, Muslims have participated and fought in every American war. Further, when the slaves were emancipated, they fought for their nation’s principles of freedom, equality and justice in the Civil War. Forming the Muslim American identity of participation and engagement—even at the military level—was in its infancy stage of being established…more:  .mpac.org/