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NY Officials Slam Pamela Geller’s Anti-Islam Hate Ads (CNN)

5 effective weapons to combat Islamophobia
Here’s how you can wield patience and kindness in the face of ignorance and harshness. By Theresa Corbin.
Living as a Muslim living in the West, I have been subjected to many forms of bias and bigotry. I felt like I was pretty versed in what Islamophobia, since I have lived with it every day as an American more: http://www.aquila-style.com/focus-points/muslimlifestyle/weapons-combat-islamophobia/80501/

10 EU States Slam Radical Dutch

Ambassadors of 10 EU countries have called on the Dutch government to denounce a far-right party’s website that urges citizens to report their complaints about central and eastern Europeans. In an open letter signed on Tuesday, the envoys demanded that…