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Depression and Anxiety: Spiritual weakness or chemical imbalance?

Image result for Depression and Anxiety: Spiritual weakness or chemical imbalance?350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and it is the leading cause of disability. In this seminar, we will discuss the psychological roots of depression and anxiety and dispel many of these myths that have plagued our community when it comes to issues of mental health. We will discuss both psychological and spiritual tools given to us by Allah and His messenger  to help us cope with the difficulties of life…more: .eventbrite.

Reflections From the Spiritual Tour of China

Reflections From the Spiritual Tour of China- Mohammad Ali Hazratji
…The protective wall that needs to be built is the one that protects our most treasured possession, our quloob (hearts), from all that distances us from Allah, subhanahu wa ta‘ala. However, imprisoning and sequestering the lower nafs within a wall of restraint and ultimately making it subservient to all that Allah loves and is pleased with, is sometimes a daunting task. It is sometimes harder than the building of the Great Wall. As Sidi Mokhtar teaches from our salaf (predecessors), it is harder to dislodge hawa (whims and inclinations) from within ourselves, once it has taken hold, than carving a mountain with our finger nails. The Great Wall reminds us to direct our efforts to that which is more virtuous in the sight of our Lord and more rewarding….More: almadinainstitute

@work: The Man in the Mosque: A visit with spiritual leader Wissam Abdul-Baki at the Islamic Society of Western Massacchusetts

Islam has never gone away, and now it is in a rebirth,” he says, referring to the rising number of worshipers worldwide. But this rebirth has brought us a lot of pain and headache.”

Abdul-Baki is referring to the many times in recent decades that extremist factions have hijacked the image of Islam for military and political purposes. “Those people do not represent Muslims,” he says. “My religion stands for the freedom of people to choose. God created you free, and people need to be free. Liberty, equality, freedom, justice — these are essential parts of my faith. Not violence.”…more:  valleyadvocate