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Shariah flap pushes Irving mayor into national spotlight

“I would never in a million years have expected the negative reaction I got,” Van Duyne told the crowd at the church, before reading her first Facebook post on the topic. Cheers filled the church as she recited her old lines: “If it is determined there are violations of basic rights occurring, I will not stand idle and will fight with every fiber of my being.”

“This is what started the ‘I’m a hateful, bigoted, racist Islamophobe,’” she explained afterward….After she left the podium, an organizer changed the subject: “Who’s thinking about the next Republican primary already?”

From her front-row seat, Van Duyne’s hand shot up immediately….more: dallasnews

Rohingya Repression in International Spotlight

Six weeks after clashes between Rohingya and Rakhaine broke out in Western Myanmar, which resulted in another influx of refugees towards the Bangladesh border, Amnesty International is reporting that targeted attacks and other violations by security forces against minority Rohingyas and other Muslims have…