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Formerly interned Japanese Americans stand up against Muslim hate

“No one really saw us off,” said Kashiwagi, referring to when he was shipped out to an internment camp — which he referred to as “a prison” — more than seven decades ago. “They were glad to see us go.”..
At the age of 93, Hiroshi Kashiwagi fears the country hasn’t changed much since he was interned at Tule Lake during World War II, and he empathizes with… more:   SFGATE.COM

Religious Leaders Stand Up For Peace Amid Anti-Muslim Attacks

In Washington, D.C., on Sunday, the Washington National Cathedral played host to an interfaith pilgrimage of Christians, Jews and Muslims who walked with each other from congregation to congregation, calling for the faithful choose “unity over extremism.”

For over 90 minutes, a small yet influential group of religious leaders marched with dozens of community members from the Washington Hebrew Congregation to the cathedral before ending at the Islamic Center of Washington…MORE:  www.huffingtonpost.com

BELDING: Stand up for Muslims’ rights

BY JESS BELDING When the president and vice president of the Yale Muslim Students Association wrote their op-ed last week (“Fighting Islamophobia at Yale,” Feb. 17), they had reason to expect that like any other Yale students, they would be…