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Media stereotypes fuel support for anti-Muslim action, new research shows

AMES, Iowa – Craig Anderson is no political scientist. But the Distinguished ProfessCraig Andersonor of psychology at Iowa State University could have predicted voter support for the presidential candidates taking a strong anti-Muslim stand.

Months before the presidential campaign, Anderson and his colleagues conducted a series of studies to gauge the influence of media coverage portraying Muslims as terrorists. According to their results, published in the journal Communication Research, there is a link between negative media stories of Muslims and support for military action and restrictions against Muslims.  ..more:  news.iastate.


#MuslimApologies hashtag explodes society’s stereotypes of Muslims

As you can see, the apologies are more of the #SorryNotSorry variety — sarcastic one-liMuslimApologies hashtag explodes society s stereotypes of Muslims  00000ners designed to highlight the absurdity of blaming the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims for the violent actions of a small handful of them. The new hashtag, writes Elahe Izadi in the Washington Post, represents Muslim “frustration over the assumption of collective responsibility.” more