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“And there is no creature on the earth or bird that flies with its wings except [that they are] communities like you”: ..more: 6/38

Bees are dying at alarming rates, and scientists have identified a group of insecticides called neonicotinoids (“neonics”) as a prime culprit in these drastic population losses. The largest single use of neonicotinoids is as a seed coating for field crops. In fact, researchers estimate that 95-99% of all field corn grown in the U.S. comes from seed coated with bee-toxic neonic chemicals.
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Stop Hunger Now project-Food sent; Communities partnering


At the 50th anniversary ISNA National Convention in Washington, DC, this past Labor Day, a service project was hosted to provide meals for needy children around the world. ISNA partnered with Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief agency, and was joined by co-sponsors Islamic Relief USA, the Islamic Circle of North America and the Zakat Foundation. 200 volunteers worked tirelessly for nearly 3 hours to package 40,000 meals for needy people…more:  .isna

Fox guest: Stop appeasing Muslims and ‘exterminate this scum that is plaguing the planet’

Nick Powers speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Stop spying on American Muslims who dare to express their opinions :)

At the White House annual Ramadan iftar last month, President Obama spoke to a room full of American Muslim leaders and invoked their communities’ “obligation to do2014-07-15T013130Z_01_WASW201_RTRIDSP_3_USA-OBAMA[their] part — to help others overcome barriers, to reverse the injustice of inequality and help more of our fellow citizens share in the promise of America.” Ironically, these statements came only one week after the Intercept published an expose detailing the United States’ surveillance of five prominent American Muslims — including civil rights activists, humanitarians, academics and lawyers. It seems that being Muslim in American and “doing your part” is a surefire way to find yourself on a clandestine government surveillance list more: .washingtonpost.com

Link Between 9/11, Muslim Religion Must Stop

Islamic-American Group: Link Between 9/11, Muslim Religion Must Stop Photo Of Decorative Element Atop A Minaret. (Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images) CHICAGO (CBS) — The head of a local Islamic-American organization says that after this year, except for remembering its victims, it’s time for…