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Sri Lankan President Has Asserted That International Drug Dealers Were Behind the Easter Sunday Attacks

International drug dealers behind Easter Sunday attacks claims Lankan PresidentSri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena has asserted that international drug dealers were behind the Easter Sunday attacks as he continued with his anti-drug drive. Addressing a programme in Nuwara eliya on Sunday, Sirisena said drug barons carried out the attack to discredit him and discourage his anti-narcotics drive. He said illegal drug trafficking is the simplest and the easiest way to destroy a country but added that he will not be deterred…more: ddnews

Sri Lanka’s Muslims Face an Angry Backlash After Easter Sunday Attacks

….Until this week, Sri Lanka didn’t have much history of Christian-Muslim violence. The two faiths are small minorities: The country is about 7 percent Christian, 10 percent Muslim, 13 percent Hindu and 70 percent Buddhist.

Religion was not a driving factor in Sri Lanka’s decades-long civil war, in which ethnic tensions between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils nearly tore the country apart….MORE NYTIMES

Taste Of Ramadan

Coordinating an interfaith event with the Muslim Coalition of CT called Taste of Ramadan, Sister Samia Hussein, an active member of ISWM, with the Muslim Coalition of CT,  did a great Job. May Allah reward her with His best, and all…

Ramadan Will Begin on Sunday June 29th

 Based on the Moonsighting for Ramadan :  1st day of the blessed month of Ramadan will begin on Sunday June 29th, 2014.  Ramadan 2014. The first Taraweeh will be on Saturday after Ishaa prayer which is at 10:15 pm. Tafseer…


Here are the pictures from the Prophet Project Competition that took place on Jan 22 2011.  Attatched are some pictures from the event.  the Winnters are as follows: Level I 1. Muhammed Bakr 2. Idrees Rozki 3. Hamdi AltowairebLevel II…