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Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta 3/7/18

Fresh chemical attack in Syria reported..more: thenational

 Medics in the rebel-held Eastern Ghouta region in Syria have reported treating people for breathing problems, indicating the use of chlorine in an attack. This comes after government forces conducted air strikes in the area after a five-hour truce and the departure of United Nations forces….more: thedailybeast

4-Year-Old A Suspected Terrorist For Mispronouncing A Word

The child, a student at a nursery school in Luton, showed off the drawing to his friends and being just a Terrorismchild, he mispronounced cucumber as “cook bomber.”

The teachers freaked out, thinking the child who could barely speak had already been radicalized.

They called in the boy’s mother and what followed was a very difficult time for the child and his family… .carbonated.tv/

Why Google search suggests “Muslims support terrorism”

Hind Makki, a blogger and founder of a photo project depicting women in mosques around the world, was writing a post about some comments Hillary Clinton made in last night’s Democratic debate.

 The post was a commentary on “Clinton’s point about how American Muslims are ‘on the frontline of our defense’ and how problematic that framing is,” Makki wrote in an email. “American Muslims *already* report suspicious activity & suspected terrorism to the authorities (and I wanted to link a particular study on my blog)….more:  qz.com