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Artists pay tribute to the Muslim Syrian Boy, whose tiny body washed up on a Turkish beach

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Twelve Syrian migrants drowned Wednesday when two boats sank in (  ) Turkish waters as they were heading towards the Greek island of Kos, in the latest tragedy to hit migrants in the Aegean.

But attention has focused on three-year-old Aylan, whose tiny body was photographed washed up on a beach in the resort of Bodrum in an image that quickly became a viral symbol of the tragedy of refugees….

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Saving the lives of Syria’s refugees

By Stacy Martin Syrian refugee children stand in a hall of the Altinozu camp in Hatay city in Turkey, locate f you need a measure of how desperate Syria’s refugees are, contemplate this: Many are fleeing to Iraq. It’s astonishing that…


Syrian criminal regime destroying the Houses of worship –  the minaret of the Mosque in Aleppo. an Infinite hatred among the enemies of the Almighty God “And who are more unjust than those who prevent the name of Allah from…

Analysis: What lies behind the Syrian massacres?

Analysis: What lies behind the Syrian massacres? The slaughter in Treimsa follows a familiar pattern, suggesting that a deliberate policy of ethnic cleansing may now be under way in Syria. Government forces are accused of initiating the attacks, using artillery,…