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Stabbing attack at U.C. Merced not tied to terror


Image for the news resultAccording to the sheriff the suspect intended to shoot people, attack a police office and had a specific target in mind who had kicked him out of a study group. The suspect listed students by name. He had planned to tie students to desks and draw out police to steal a gun and shoot people.
The sheriff said this is not terrorism,  abc7news.

U.S. Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack

The American Muslim community condemned the heinous attack on the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that resulted in the death of twelve journalists and two police officers.  Major 1013611_10152506330612377_2071303320500174837_nAmerican Muslim organizations issued press releases condemning this attack and reiterated their support for freedom of speech.  The first casualty in these attacks was a French Muslim police officer, Ahmed Merabet, who was killed in the shooting as he defended the journalists from terrorists.

MORE U.S. Muslims Condemn Paris Terror Attack

Informants integral in FBI’s war on terror

To Amine El Khalifi, the Virginia man was his alleged connection to al-Qaeda-style sympathizers in the USA. The two shared a belief, according to federal court records, that the war on terrorism was actually a “war on Muslims.” El Khalifi wanted…