The Observer view on the attack in Tunisia

Flowers and a note at the beach in Sousse.Such cruelty defies reason. There is, on a fundamental human level, no explanation, no justification and no rationale that can help us begin to understand what was going through his mind. His victims were defenceless. They were old and young. They were children playing on a beach. They were innocents. But all that was irrelevant to him.Fellow human beings were murdered without warning or compunction. They came from many countries – Britain, Germany, Tunisia and elsewhere. They were European and Arab, Christian and Muslim. Above all, they were civilians…more: .theguardian

Young, female Ennahda politician wants to ‘cure’ Tunisia through dialogue and respect

Sayida Ounissi

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW“I am a proud feminist,” says young Ennahda candidate Sayida Ounissi, who wants to be the voice of Tunisian youth. She tells MEMO about what it’s like being a young, veiled politician and Islamist party feminist and why dialogue will “cure” the Tunisian society.

As October 26, the date of Tunisia’s first parliamentary election since the country’s new constitution, nears, preparations and campaigning are on the agenda for the country’s Islamist party candidate Sayida Ounissi. The 27-year-old, an elegant and eloquent PhD student, is hoping to become one of the 217 Parliamentarians shaping the next five years of her country’s future.more .middleeastmonitor

Bostonglobe: Everyone’s an Islamist now

The case that a political term has outlived its usefulness By Thanassis Cambanis To watch the Arab world’s political transformation over the past year has been, in part, to track the inexorable rise of Islamism. Islamist groups—that is, parties favoring a…