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Somali Refugee Makes History As The First Muslim Female Referee In The UK

A young woman has made history by becoming the first female Muslim referee in the UK. Jawahir Roble, 24, known as JJ, who moved from Somalia to the UK with her family as a child, is currently in her second full season as a Football Association-registered official. After starting her IT studies at university, JJ made the decision to dedicate herself to becoming a professional referee,….MORE:hiiraan

REVEALED: UK propaganda unit has secret plans to target French Muslims

A shadowy UK government propaganda unit that privately declares that it works to “effect behavioural and attitudinal change” among British Muslims has drawn up plans to begin operating in France. The Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU), which is based at the Home Office in London, generates films, social media, websites, leaflets and news stories that are intended to influence public opinion while concealing the British government’s role in their creation….middle east

Salah’s Success Decreases Hate in UK: Report.

Mohamed Salah celebrates scoringTheir faith can be seen in their mannerisms on the pitch – cupping hands in silent pre-kick-off prayer or prostration after hitting the back of the net.

For Salah, who has 23 Premier League goals for Liverpool this season, his religion has become the unlikely inspiration for some Liverpool fans to rewrite the lyrics to 1996 hit Good Enough by Dodgy…more: BBC

UK Imam Message for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an incredibly important date, which should act as a reminder that we must live its values on every other day of the year. This year, more than ever, men have a responsibility to take part in the conversation, and have a responsibility to do what they can to further women’s rights. It is not women’s responsibility alone….MORE:independent

UK: Boy Suffered Hypothermia and Frozen to Death

Police tape at crime sceneA seven-year old boy found dead at a house in Birmingham has been named, as investigations into the cause of his death continue. Hakeem Hussain was discovered by paramedics at the property in Nechells on Sunday 26 November at about 7.30am, police said. A man, 56, and a woman, 35, were arrested on suspicion of wilfully ill-treating a child and have been released under investigation.

…MORE: www.telegraph.co.uk

Exclusive: UK: Muslim MPs prominent in Labour resurgence

Image may contain: textThe number of Muslim MPs elected to Parliament has risen to another record of 15, boosted by the sudden and unexpected resurgence in support for Labour under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. Votes by the Muslim community appear to have made a difference in the UK election, a community group has said, noting swings toward the Labour Party in several key areas.
The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) earlier identified 39 constituencies where votes by the Muslim community may have a high or medium impact…more:  .newenglishreview.org

3.5 Trillion Insects Take To Skies Every Year Over UK To Migrate

In a study published in the journal Science, researchers detailed that about 3.5 trillion aerial bugs fly over southern England, a movement that equates to 3,200 tons of biomass flying to and from the UK. The number of insects migrating is over seven times larger than the mass that 30 million songbirds total as they leave UK each autumn to head to Africa….more:  techtimes

Simon Collis becomes first UK ambassador to perform Haj

Manama: Simon Collis has become the first British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia to perform Haj while still on duty in the kingdom.

Pictures of Collis with his wife Huda Mujarkech with the white Haj clothes were posted on a Twitter account of Fawziah Al Bakr with the comment in Arabic “The first British ambassador to the Kingdom performing Haj after converting to Islam: Simon Collis with his wife Huda in Makkah.”…more:  gulfnews.com