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The cult of ignorance in the United States: Anti-intellectualism and the “dumbing down” of America –

There is a growing and disturbing trend of anti-intellectual elitism in American culture. It’s the dismissal of science, the arts, and humanities and their replacement by entertainment, self-righteousness, ignorance, and deliberate gullibility.

Susan Jacoby, author of The Age of American Unreason, says in an article in the Washington Post, “Dumbness, to paraphrase the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, has been steadily defined downward for several decades, by a combination of heretofore irresistible forces. These include the triumph of video culture over print culture; a disjunction between Americans’ rising level of formal education and their shaky grasp of basic geography, science and history; and the fusion of anti-rationalism with anti-intellectualism.”…more:  .sott.net

Imagine a ban on Muslims: What would United States look like?

Architectural achievements in skyscrapers

Can you imagine a Chicago skyline without the Willis (formerly Sears) Tower or the John Hancock Center? These are just The Willis Tower in Chicago, formerly the Sears Tower and once the tallest building in the world, was designed by Fazlur Rahman Khan.two of the buildings designed by the late Fazlur Rahman Khan. Considered a visionary in his field, his designs changed the way high-rise structures were built.

Khan’s design for the Sears Tower (110 stories) made it the world’s tallest building until 1996.

He was born in 1929 in what is today Bangladesh and came to the United States for the first time on a Fulbright Scholarship…more:  .cnn.

Islamophobia in the United States

The reality is that many Americans fear what they do not know. Only 38% of Americans claim to know aIslamophobia in the United States Muslim, yet Muslims are viewed the most negatively out of any faith group in the country, including Atheists.[vi] Statistics vary, but the Muslim population in America hovers somewhere between 0.5% and 2%.[vii] This is a staggeringly small percentage, considering the amount of time and energy certain media outlets and conservative groups spend convincing the country that the creep of Islamic Sharia law in America is d….MORE:  georgetownsecuritystudiesreview


Noor Tagouri: Actively changing perceptions


“This has been my dream ever since I was a kid.”

Noor Tagouri, a 19-year-old college student, wants to become the first Muslim hijabi anchorwoman in America. Two weeks ago, she was a relatively unknown entity on Facebook who posted a picture of herself sitting at the presenter’s desk at ABC News. Since then, Tagouri has become somewhat of a celebrity, with nearly 7,000 subscribers ….more  chicagomonitor

“I am a United States Army general, and I lost the Global War on Terrorism.”

“I am a United States Army general, and I lost the Global War on Terrorism.”

Amy Goodman and Juan González got a chance to ask a three-star general some tough questions today. This is a much-watch interview.

Watch: Retired Lt. Gen. Daniel Bolger discuss his new book, “Why We Lost: A…

Sen. Bernie Sanders: The United States is on the Verge of Becoming an Oligarchy

“What frightens me very much is what Citizens United has done to the politics of this country,” says Bernie Sanders. “I fear that we may be on the verge of becoming an oligarchic form of society where a handful of billionaires control not just the economy, but the political life of this country.”

In case you missed it, this was the most popular interview of the week.

Watch: Democracy Now! interviews Sen. Bernie Sanders, Independent senator…