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Hijab Challenge: What’s It Like To Be A Muslim in the US In 2016?

“Maybe they feel a little more in tune to our issues and the things that we’re having to deal with, especially with a lot of the terrorism that has been happening this year,” Thalia Arenas, public relations officer for the Muslim Student Association told ABC30 in Fresno. “That has spread a lot of discrimination and harassment to our communities.”…..more:IBTIMES.COM

US|Murder Rates Rose in a Quarter of the Nation’s 100 Largest Cities

Murder rates rose significantly in 25 of the nation’s 100 largest cities last year, according to an analysis
by The New York Times of new data compiled from individual police Image result for Murder Rates Rose in a Quarter of the Nation’s 100 Largest Citiesdepartments. The findings confirm a trend that was tracked recently in a study published by the National Institute of Justice. “The homicide increase in the nation’s large cities  ….MORE: .nytimes.com

How Many Muslims Are Serving in US Military?

Despite recent rhetoric against the fastest-growing religion in the world, Islam has contributed a great deal to the U.S., including in the military, Defense Department figures show. Muslims have played an essential part in guarding the homeland and fighting for its interests in war-torn countries the world over, fighting in all major U.S. wars, including the Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War, according to military officials. More recently, Muslims have also served in the Gulf War, Iraq War and the war in Afghanistan…more: /abcnews.


Colorado Ski Shop was established in 1994 by Hussein and Diane Jaber to fulfill a dream and a need. Always wanting to own a specialty shop, and just starting a family, a ski shop was established. Starting as an outlet, mainly surviving on close-outs we gave it a chance. Getting lines was a major struggle, but over the next few years we grew and persisted, and with the help of some great reps (and now friends) who were willing to take the chance with us, we started growing our product base. (Special Thanks, to Dynastar and Lange) When the internet became a viable way to do business, we were able to jump on it and understand it quickly. …MORE:  siasnowshow.snowsports.org