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Colorado Ski Shop was established in 1994 by Hussein and Diane Jaber to fulfill a dream and a need. Always wanting to own a specialty shop, and just starting a family, a ski shop was established. Starting as an outlet, mainly surviving on close-outs we gave it a chance. Getting lines was a major struggle, but over the next few years we grew and persisted, and with the help of some great reps (and now friends) who were willing to take the chance with us, we started growing our product base. (Special Thanks, to Dynastar and Lange) When the internet became a viable way to do business, we were able to jump on it and understand it quickly. …MORE:  siasnowshow.snowsports.org

Dan Simpson: Peace on Earth? Not until the U.S. stops selling arms and making war

The segment of our society that benefits most from this role, again, at home and abroad, is the arms War 1230 industry. At home, it sells the guns that are used, virtually without control, to slaughter innocent groups of people, including in churches and schools. Our corrupt and conscienceless federal and state legislators lack the courage and brains to stop it. And this is not just about the National Rifle Association; it is also about the arms manufacturers and dealers that finance the NRA so that it can exercise influence in Washington and state capitals….more:  .post-gazette.

Native Americans call for ban on Christians entering the US

Native Americans have controversially called for a complete ban on Christians of any denomination entering NAtive americansthe US until representatives can ‘figure out what the hell is going on.’

“Seriously, you guys have screwed this place up,” said Chief Simon with Williams

“Two world wars, I don’t know how many ‘minor conflicts,’ mass-shootings, Adam Sandler, toy dogs, the Star Wars prequels. Ryan Adams covering Taylor Swift, MacDonalds; I mean, all this is bad enough but now you unleash Donald Trump on us?”…MORE: newsthump.